Some Helpful Facts about Criminal Law and Lawyers

It gets difficult for people not aware of criminal law and layers to pick Canadian defense lawyer when in need. Most of the crimes in Canada lie under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. These are two different statutes.

As criminal defense, lawyer in Canada, he or she having knowledge about Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is not enough. One needs to have complete knowledge about relating laws and statutes.

Several criminal laws that are either federal or provincial have both penalties and punishments, where they may need to pay fine or may need to be in jail. Criminal type offenses have more strict punishments. Criminal charges that do not come under the above–mentioned statutes may also carry fines or jail penalties. The lawyers mention these charges as “quasi-criminal” offences.

Some examples of these offences are evasion of tax under Income Tax Act, breaking of the Fisheries Act or it could be match fixing which an offense against the Competition Act is. These charges do not lie under mentioned statutes but they are not spared on the punishment part, long term consequences is one of them.

Laws for criminal and quasi-criminal offense keep changing in Canada. The provincial and federal keep making new updates or make change in the existing laws. Even the courts in Canada make new decisions every day, a lawyer should be able to have update, understand it and how to enforce it.


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