A Handy Guide to Spouse Sponsorship in Canada Post Bankruptcy

Like most people, you may also believe that bankruptcy puts an end to all the happiness in your life. Well, this is not entirely true. Bankruptcy is, of course, a serious financial obstacle, and with the receding economy, a higher number of employees are getting pink slips. Some of these employees who may have spouses residing in foreign countries may be looking for their sponsorship to Canada. Though there are no specific income requirements to sponsor your spouse for residency in Canada, a few restrictions prevail when it comes to bankruptcy.

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How to Sponsor Your Spouse When you are Bankrupt?


The biggest adverse effect that an existing or past debt problem has on immigration is that you cannot sponsor your spouse to immigrate to Canada while being on an undischarged bankruptcy. You become eligible to make a sponsorship application only after you have received your discharge. If you are also among those who are in debt and look to sponsor your family, an immigration lawyer can be of great help to you. They are experts at presenting you with many options, therefore, allowing you to clear up your debts. Let us learn about the three choices you have if you are in debt but, want to sponsor your spouse to Canada.

File the Bankruptcy

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You may begin with your sponsorship application once you have quickly cleared up your debts. In other words, you can file your bankruptcy first and then, submit your sponsorship application post your bankruptcy discharge. The first-time bankrupt in Canada is eligible to receive a discharge from personal bankruptcy in only nine months. Your bankruptcy may, however, extend to 21 months, if you have to pay “surplus income”.

Sponsor Your Partner First

Family and Immigration Issues

You can choose to sponsor your partner first, and then file the bankruptcy, provided the sponsorship application process is over. Given that sponsorship application processing takes several months or years to complete, you may not be able to hold off your creditors for a long time.

File a Consumer Proposal



Filing a consumer proposal has no effect on your sponsorship application. A consumer proposal helps to legally protect you from your creditors and make a negotiated settlement on your debts. It typically implies that you avoid declaring bankruptcy. A successfully accepted consumer proposal dissolves your bankruptcy filing, therefore, enabling you to submit your sponsorship application. You need to remember that a consumer proposal needs financial support.



Now that you know how to get a bankruptcy discharge and also understand other requirements for Spouse sponsorship to Canada, you can avoid several issues that your spouse sponsorship application may face. Though bankruptcy proves to be a hurdle for many Canadian citizens, comprehending how to address the issue helps you gain approval for sponsorship of your spouse and family.


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