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Charged With DUI? Legal Ways to Immigrate To Canada



Immigrating to a new country is one of the most important decision in everyone’s life and Canada is no exception. Whether you seek to arrive as an International Student, Temporary Foreign Worker, or have the requisite skills, education and language proficiency, the process of immigration to Canada is increasingly driven by economic and legal factors. But what if you have been charged for driving under the influence of DUI? In that case, you may not be eligible to enter Canada easily. Entering Canada with DUI is a complex task and you may require to take special permissions and follow a tough and legal process. It is always advisable to seek help from a professional Canadian Immigration Lawyer who may adhere to all the legal actions and guide you with the procedure strictly maintained according to the Immigration laws in Canada. In this blog post, get to know about two legal ways available in case you need to enter Canada with DUI. Take a look.

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Temporary Residents Permits

If you are not eligible to follow immigration laws in Canada but have a justified reason to migrate to the country, you may be issued TRP (temporary residents permits) that will allow you to stay in Canada for a limited period. The immigration or a border service officer will make sure that your need to stay in the country outweighs the health and  safety risks to Canadian society. After complete assurance, he will provide you with TRP.  To seek a permit, you will have to follow procedure and pay a processing fee, which is non-refundable. Although the process can take some time, ensure that you have applied at the right time before the date of journey to Canada.

Note: The permit can be cancelled by the immigration officer and will not be valid once you leave canada unless you have taken a special permission to leave and re-enter.


How to Apply for TRP?

eTA Required

If you are a citizen of eTA required country but is restricted to get eTA and is applying for TRP due to some circumstances, you may need to get an application form for Temporary residents permits from the visa office of your country so that you can proceed with the procedure.

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Visa Required

Submit an application for a TRP along with the related documents that justify the reason for your visit to Canada. You may also be called for an interview so that the officer can process the documents forward.

Processing fees

You may be required to pay a considerable and non-refundable amount to cover the cost of processing your application. Check for the specific payment instruction in the visa office.



Criminal Rehabilitation

In this process, you may require the permission from the concerned authorities to travel Canada without the renewal of Visa. The process can be moved forward only after the officers grant you the permission. For this you may go through the permission eligibility criteria that is tough and time consuming. You can only apply for Criminal Rehabilitation, only after five years since the completion of your sentence. You may also be required to fulfil all the conditions such as fine, probation, driving prohibition, community service and other related formalities within five years. If you are eligible and have completed all the formalities, you will be granted permission otherwise you will have to go for TRP.

Last few words

These two methods may help you to enter Canada with DUI but before processing to any of the methods, seek advice from a professional Canadian Immigration Lawyer in Calgary or any other part of Canada. Both the procedures are complex enough and are tough to be dealt alone. A professional helps you to complete the procedure faster and easier.


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