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Family and Immigration Issues for Separated Immigrant, Refugee and Non-Status Women

There are many women who come to Canada from another country after marriage and, unfortunately, file for a divorce after some time. In such cases, they have to face challenges related to family law and immigration law. Separation is a stressful and difficult time and the complex maze of both family and immigration laws can add to the troubles. For women who are not Canadian citizens, it is likely that their immigration status is connected to their partner or other family members. They have to worry about a lot of things. For instance, a woman may have to decide about financial support, share in the family property and make arrangements to support her children. Non-Canadian women would also have to be concerned about their stay in Canada or if they would be separated from their children. They may also be apprehensive about the ways to support themselves if they were sponsored by their partner prior to separation. Continue reading


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