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Hiring an Expert in Immigration Law in Canada

Each year thousands of people come to Canada for career opportunities, education or family reunions. They come from different corners of the world but follow the common process of immigration. The immigration process involves a fair bit of paperwork. It is better to hire an immigration consultant/lawyer to get things done in the first place.

Need of an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer
There are good reasons to hire an immigration consultant/lawyer. If you find the immigration laws in Canada confusing, an expert can guide you through the process. If you are busy or lack in confidence to complete the immigration process, you might seek immigration solutions from a consultant. If you get stuck in some clause you might need legal assistance to handle the case.

How to Choose an Immigration Consultant
Choosing a right immigration consultant needs to do some homework. Often people looking for greener pastures pay substantial amount of money to a consultant, without doing a background check. A bad consultant can run you into problems while a reputed and experienced immigration solutions expert can be worthy.
The following points can be of great help to people in search of the right immigration consultant/lawyer.

Get References
If any of your friends, family or colleagues have immigrated to Canada, inquire about their immigration experience. Ask for referrals or recommendations before hiring an immigration consultant.
Verify the Consultant’s Track Record
Collect detailed information about the consultant including, experience, qualification and term of service. Immigration law is a specialty; be sure the consultant you are hiring is an expert in the domain.

Understand Fees and Service
Get clear details of fees in writing. Ask if there might be some additional charges for postage or international couriers. Some consultants extend the services by helping out in getting a new home, new job, opening a bank account, health insurance, and enrolling children in school. Ask for charges for these additional services.

Visa interview Preparation
Some potential immigration consultants coach you for the visa interview. Even some conduct mock interviews to boost the confidence of the immigration applicant.

Properly Read the Contact Before Signing
Sign the contract with the immigration consultant only after reading it thoroughly. In case of doubt, ask for clarification.

Exercising due diligence during the search of an authorized immigration consultant is the only way to ensure a hassle free immigration.


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Pack Your Bags for Canada Now!

In 2014, Canada will be welcoming 265,000 new immigrants, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) 2013 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration. The target is set to address the market needs and provide a talented workforce for Canadian employers.

Canada has become an attractive host country that offers great career opportunities for professionals. The country is not restricting sources of immigration, but only focusing on the best and the brightest applicants. Continue reading

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