Nurses Have Great Chance to Immigrate To Canada

The law for Skilled Workers Program Quebec had led to shortage of nurses among immigrants in the province. Now, to deal with the situation government of Canada has changed the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). At present, the assessment of applicants under skilled worker program is done through a ‘Points grid.’ Points are granted to applicants on basis of skills, qualifications, and attributes they possess.

If you are a single applicant, the qualifying score is 49 points and in case with applicant is with partner minimum score is 57 points. Another addition under the new rule is that if applicant is professionally is trained in a ‘priority occupation’ then maximum of 16 points can be awarded to them. Government has made this amendment in hope that scarcity of trained operatives in Quebec could be vanished. Therefore, nurses’ applicants under skilled worker program can get maximum 16 points where as under previous Quebec Skilled Worker Program they would get maximum of 12 points only. This fact is good news for nurses seeking to immigrate to Canada under QSWP. Now the language barrier does not exist.

As per the government officials of nursing bodies, for the next ten years 60,000 nurses would be required. Unless, this number is satisfied it would be difficult for country to fulfill its requirements of nurses. Therefore, Canada is ready to welcome nurses with other skills with open hands. In Canada, nurses can earn an amount of CAN$100,100 in year including the overtime earnings. Now, if you are nurse seeking to move to Canada do not let go this excellent opportunity.

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