Facilities provided by lawyers for immigration in Edmonton

Immigration lawyer in Edmonton

Immigration laws

Immigration lawyer are a principal immigration laws firm that has been associated with schooling Immigration Law at the University of Alberta, and are actively present in representing issues of immigration law all through the Edmonton community. They have a recorded history of being involved with individuals and businesses for realizing their immigration objectives.

Immigration lawyer advice all kinds of companies since they employ impermanent foreign labours to fulfil particular needs or deal with labour scarcities and also to hold particular business seeking workers on permanent basis.

Immigration lawyer helps people decide the most suitable way for them or their family members to gain access to permanent residence in Canada. They assist in application preparation and on-going processing and also counsel people for the status of their immigration application, and any possibilities or other options existing, in case any problem arises. Immigration lawyer can support people to decide the category of temporary residence that is best applicable for their situation and what requirements require to be met for obtaining temporary visas to Canada.

Immigration lawyer in Edmonton work with clients in the following areas:

• Sponsorship of Family Class Members
• Applications of Permanent Residence
• Applications and extensions to permit work
• Permit applications and extensions for education
• Applications for certain Family division and civilized, sympathetic cases
• Labour Market Opinions through Human Resources Development Canada
• Appeals earlier than the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board
• Hearings prior to Immigration Division, IRB
• Applications to the Federal Court of Canada for immigration matters
• Provincial applications of Nominee under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
• Canadian citizenship issues
• NAFTA, CCFTA, and GATS transfers to Canada


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